Friday, January 18, 2008

My First Embarkment on Redwork Embroidery

I thought I had posted this on my blog, but apparently it didn't happen! :) I am so excited about this project I did for my mom for Christmas. It took quite a bit of time, and I loved every minute of it!!!

The pattern I used is: Aunt Martha's Sunbonnet-Mother & Daughter, Too 3948. I used embroidery floss #321. The main pattern part I used 2 threads and a normal stitch. For the outside border (square or circle) I used 6 threads and the split stitch. I didn't sign any of them, because I think I'm horrible with creating my own letters...something I'll have to get over. Anyway, this is the collection.

I liked this one because of the socks. I don't know if they're getting ready for bed and going to read a book, or what?? Doesn't's cute.

My mom loves to quilt, so this pattern was perfect to add to the collection.

Mom also loves to bake and cook and passed that passion onto me. So, I love this pattern, Mother and Daughter with their creations at a Thanksgiving (I guess) table.

My mom also plays the piano beautifully. I never took any lessons, but I enjoy listening to her play. This was my first time doing french knots (for the music notes). You can tell (or at least I can tell) that I got more comfortable toward the middle and end of the notes. The top left notes aren't as full and comfortable looking. Great learning experience!

So, that's my latest project. I can't wait to get started on my next one...once I figure out what to do. :)

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lovestitches said...

I love these! I have to hunt down that pattern. Those socks are cute and I really love the second pattern a lot.