Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Girl Panties

I just love love love this magnet I found at Felicity Gift Wrap at the Gateway Mall in SLC. The store has so many cute things. Among their new products are magnets by this artist (sorry, don't know her name) that are so clever and so "girl power" without being syrupy pink. I love this one...it makes me laugh.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Damn cats

On Friday I got up the courage to pull out my sewing machine so I could turn the Bear and Bunny into stuffed dolls. It went pretty well, though I don't care for the shape of them. I stuffed them and started to stitch up the rest of the Bunny and a knot formed in the thread. After a few minutes of frustration I decided to set it aside for awhile.

A friend of mine came over for an hour, then I had to get ready and go to work...the Bear and Bunny were tucked away next to my sewing machine...

Saturday morning I noticed that the Bear and Bunny were missing!!!! On the floor was the poor Bunny...thread even more tangled, needle still hanging on. But where was the Bear? After looking for a couple minutes, I found him laying face down in the kitties little play tent thing. Those little shits! I grabbed the Bear and to my utter dismay, there are some pretty good claw holes in the fabric and a bit of embroidery floss pulled to the outside of the fabric. It's a good thing I like animals and it breaks my heart when people hurt them, because I seriously wanted to find Lunch (I'd bet a million dollars it was her) and yank out her whiskers or something. Grrr!!!

Several hours later after cooling down, I realized that:
1. I didn't like the shape of the dolls and would change how I did that
2. It was quick and easy to embroider both of them
3. I could pull out the stuffing and replace it with plastic grocery bags which would make a great crinkle sound and give the cats the dolls as new toys.
4. I'll make new dolls
5. The cats are smart little shits, and next time I won't leave the dolls sitting out.

I wish my camera was working so I could post some pictures. Oh well, this picture of NAUGHTY little Lunch will suffice for now.

She kept scooping water out of their water tank/bowl to make bubbles in the tank as it refilled the bowl. There was water every where in the kitchen. So to try to teach her a (unlearned) lesson, I mopped it up with her. (emphasis on unlearned)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bunny and Bear Stitchettes in Progress

I'm half way done with a project! I decided to make the Bear and Bunny Stitchette Dolls by Wee Wonderfuls/Hillary Lang. Seems like most women I know right now are pregnant or just had a baby, so I may as well start making cute baby gifts! I started it today and finished the embroidery.

Here's the starting lineup of fabric and embroidery floss:

The embroidered Bear:

The embroidered Bunny:

The cute pair:

A few notes so far: I just traced the pattern with pencil (Bear) and pen (Bunny), rather than using a transfer pencil and ironing on a transfer. Tracing, being a little more simple, suited me today. The pattern says to tie bows on the Bear's shoes and on the Bunny's neckline. I was getting frustrated with the tiny little bows and didn't know how to get them to be permanent, as little hands and mouths would probably untie them. I know I wouldn't want to be responsible for 3" of embroidery floss being stuck in a kiddo's mouth or throat. Eewww. So, I omitted them on the Bear, and did French Knots on the Bunny's shirt instead. I'm satisfied with it. I think my bear's half grin looks a little smug. :)

Tomorrow I need to bust out my sewing machine. I'll be honest, I'm a little scared of it. I haven't used it in YEARS. My brother is super crafty and adopted my machine for the last chunk of years, so I am way rusty. I'm tempted to sew these dolls together by hand, but I know a machine would turn out a better, longer lasting doll. So, I'll be brave. I'll post finished pictures when they are ready.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Magnets...

Ok, I really need to quit blogging and taking pictures of random stuff and start making something!!! ...in a minute...

I walked into the kitchen to grab a snack and smiled as I looked at my refrigerator. I love magnets, and last summer I found some super cute vintage magnets at an odd little store. Patrick and I found a lot of odd and unique vintage kitchen stuff at this store. I love the shiny gold and white on them! Here they are:

Last month Patrick found some more vintage magnets that he thought I'd enjoy. Good old Pac-Man. :)

Anyway, back to the kitchen... I was smiling because of my sister. A little over a month ago she was in town for a family funeral, and one night she was telling me of a brilliant idea she came up with. Anytime she visits someone's home (out-of-town visits), she's going to steal a magnet from their fridge and hold it ransom on her fridge. If they want it back, they have to come visit. I think it's a clever idea...she really wants visitors.

A couple days after she left, I was getting something out of the fridge and I realized one of my magnets was missing! My brother volunteered for some fund raiser several years ago where they sold rainbow colored magnets of the ASL hand-sign for "I Love You." I bought one from him and kept it on my fridge. My ex absolutely hated the magnet...which secretly made me happy. :) Anyway, my little gay-deaf ILY magnet was missing!!! I had to laugh, and I called her to make sure it was safe on her fridge in Denver. It is...so I know what needs to be done to get it back.

My and my sis:


The Beginning

Last December when Patrick and I were visiting my family in Phoenix, my mom and I rummaged through her craft room. I borrowed some cute embroidery projects, coveted her fabric stash (super cute vintage fabrics!), and she gave me a cross stitch that I did as a kid. It most likely is the first cross stitch I ever did.

I remember in 2nd grade we had an after school project where my friend's mom taught us how to stitch. We had a simple little apple pattern where we did a running stitch in red around the border of the apple. I remember being excited about learning a new skill and wanting so badly for mine to look perfect. I chuckle now...I still feel that way when I start a new project. Anyway, that's the first time I remember stitching.

The cross stitch was probably sometime after that, so I was anywhere between 8 and 10, I'd guess. Here's the little beauty:

Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. I could frame it, put it in a quilted/pieced block and frame it, put it on a pillow (the cats would mess it up, scratch that idea), who knows. I do want to put it up somewhere, though.

Another side note about the saying on the pattern: Make your own sunshine. ... I realize that even when I was a young child, I always understood that people are ultimately responsible for creating their own happiness. We choose to be happy...or not. Regardless of the circumstances, happiness is still a personal choice. My mom did such an incredible job teaching that principle to her children. Some of us absorbed it better than others, and I consider myself very blessed to understand it. I love my mom! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

THE Lotus

Okay, I think I've finished the lotus flower embroidery I've been working on. I think it has turned out pretty well. I must send my thanks to Lost, for through watching season 3 on DVD, I have been able to finish this last masterpiece. It's been fun.

Isn't she pretty?!?! Now I need to figure out what to do with her. Granted, she's on the kitchen towel of creation, but at the same time, I'd love to use her on a card or something cool. I'm damn proud of how she turned out!!! I love it! :)

Monday, April 7, 2008


I just wanted to write down some thoughts I'm having...

I watched the morning session of General Conference today (yesterday, technically), and it was a really great session. Thomas S. Monson makes a great president and prophet. :) The two words that stuck with me the strongest from the whole session were by President Monson, "Come back." It resonated and still resonates in my heart and mind.

I love Spring. I love Easter, especially the meaning of the holiday. I'm reminded of the Atonement and how much Christ loves me. It's the time of year when I always feel like starting over, beginning again, resolving to do a little better.

The stagnant feeling I've had for so long is getting old...and stinky. I have so many dreams, hopes, plans, and beliefs about my potential. Why am I choosing to NOT tap into that positive energy and potential?? I need to let go of the burdens and beliefs that are holding me back. I know there is a greater me, not to mention a greater us with Patrick and me. I really don't want to have the pattern of stagnancy become as permanent as it did with the old ex. It becomes comfortable, then uncomfortable, yet a deep pit that is incredibly difficult to escape. With the ex I felt resentful that I had to be the pioneer in foraging our spiritual ground. What I didn't realize, and what I desperately need to remember is that I'm foraging my own spiritual ground. That's what matters most. Patrick will do the same as he is ready, and his readiness is not mine to own. It is solely his. So I guess what I'm saying is that I acknowledge my ownership and accountability for where I stand spiritually...in the past, here in the present, and in the future. No more blaming, no more hiding, no more waiting.

I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me. And I love Him.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I was crafty today!!!

I've been wanting to put up a "Love Ribbon" for awhile now. I found a great vibrant orange ribbon that matched the decor we're shooting for in our living room, bought some medium sized clothes pins, painted them a vibrant blue, and made some fabric pinwheels from fabric my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas (Thank you Ashlee!!!), and topped it off with some cute yellow and red buttons. I put it up over the entrance into the dining room, and I am so extremely pleased! Here are some photos:

I really think it adds good energy to our home to have love notes up on the wall. I love it. And, it feels good to have a crafty day!!!

P.S. Thanks Jana, for helping me paint the clothes pins!!!!! I love you!!!