Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This song is RAD!

Oh, Grey's Anatomy...I love you.

Okay, not to be a gay-wad, but Grey's Anatomy has facilitated the shedding of tears that my normal self will not allow. Thank you, Grey's Anatomy.

The first time I really became "aware" of Grey's Anatomy was when I worked for Inviscan, shortly after my separation from my ex-husband. The people I worked for watched Grey's Anatomy faithfully. I thought they were loony.

Turns out, I would be loony soon, too.

I finally found a moment to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Holy Crap, this in an intense one!!! Last year's Season Finale was intense, but this year seems to be even bigger. I watched the season finale last night, and I'm watching it again tonight. It still gets me, and I am grateful to know the moments to skip forward, because it is so freaking intense.

Now, I realize a TV show is NOT REAL. Even reality TV is a bunch of bull. But a TV show that can bring real life emotions to the surface is something special. And I have found that in Grey's Anatomy.

The season finale this year is something else. Seriously. Something else.

Monday, June 14, 2010


How sad is it, that when I watch Grey's Anatomy, I want those lives. I want McDreamy. I want the conversations between best friends. I want bits and pieces of their lives.

How freaking sad is that?


Father's Day is this coming Sunday.

I had a good talk with my dad on the phone last week. My parents live in Phoenix, and I have lived in Utah for 8 years now. I miss living close to home...close to all my nephews and nieces, siblings, and my mom and dad.

My dad will always say how he wasn't a good father when we were young. I know he sincerely feels some regret about working too much and spending too little time with us kids. I understand his perspective. And yet, I see my perspective as one of his kids. :)

I love and adore my dad. When I think of him, I don't have any judgments about the time he spent working vs. the time he spent with us at home. I do remember him being at work a lot, but I also remember spending time with him at work. He is an architect, so I remember using different programs at his work to create things. There was one program where we could create different colored lines and make elaborate designs. I loved doing that. When I was 10 or so, I remember learning how to drive while we waited for him to come out of the office. Most of the time, we were a one car family, so we would pile into our van to pick him up from work. I got some good driving lessons sitting on my mom's lap and steering the van. I really enjoyed that. When I was in high school, in my geography class, we had to design a home using floorplans and making a scaled model. My dad was extremely helpful with this project! He helped us use one of the programs at work to design the home, and it was so amazing that we had a party cutting out and creating the model. Easy, breazy. And our project kicked major a$$! I also remember going on camping trips with my dad and my sister. One time, we were tailgate camping, and I remember being utterly amazed at how smart my dad is when he boiled eggs on a campfire using paper cups. Every time I have hiked the Grand Canyon, my dad has been there...all six times. I also remember being completely heartbroken over a guy and sitting on the couch, my head on my dad's shoulder, as I cried over the broken relationship. He is a man of few words, typically, though he is a professional lecturer when it comes to his children. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my dad loves me, and always has.

So, today I have been reflecting on my dad and the role he has played in my life. I am so grateful to have a father figure that has been present from day one, and who cares enough to vocalize his love and concern for me. I know he has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is an ever-present reminder for me.

I love my dad. :)