Monday, March 23, 2009

WOW me with your great service...

Good Customer Service vs. Bad Customer Service:

Well, here's today's example of bad customer service which I find pretty funny, actually...

Patrick got a phone call from a debt management company (not sure the name...don't care, either), and when he firmly informed the caller that he was on the Federal Do Not Call List and should not have been called, the caller said, "Do you have any KY Jelly for the dildo I'm about to shove up your @$$?" SERIOUSLY!!! The guy, representing that company, actually said that to Patrick. Who does that?? He must seriously hate his job, and maybe he saw a window with a blue sky of unemployment to jump out of. :)

Speaking of unemployment, Patrick is a whiz when it comes down to finding numbers. So, he just had a talk with the company and will be getting a call back when this caller has been "dealt" with.

Ahh...I'll laugh about this one for awhile.

So, the VP of the company called Patrick back and informed him that they found the caller, actually had a recording of the conversation, and they immediately escorted him off of the premises. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahah!!!!!! Oh, that is too funny!

Then the VP asked him how he got their phone number, since they get around the Do Not Call List by routing their calls through Canada. All he would say is, "I'm just really resourceful."

(Thank you Google!)

Blog-Name Dropping and My Great Weekend

Rather than finishing my breakfast or getting in the shower, I decided to post this morning. :) Lucky you!

First of all, I have found a couple of blogs that put a smile on my face. There is the sailor-element to both of these, so for the tender eyes, just don't go there. For those of you who are as crusty and crass as I can be, check them out!!

Pacing the Panic Room (You may have seen the weekly pregnancy pictures the author takes of his wife...they're awesome photos and it's a great idea! Also, the author is an awesome photographer, so check out his work and send him good vibes for some job prospects!!!)

Scary Mommy (I've only read a couple of the posts, but dang, she's funny!)

And, lastly (since I really need a shower...), I had a great weekend. We had our area Career Conference with Mary Kay on Friday and Saturday. I've always enjoyed Career Conference...lots of great training and motivation. I especially love hearing from other women who came from much more difficult circumstances than I and have just conquered the world. Those women amaze and inspire me!

I'm also super excited about the company's Great Start program where new Beauty Consultants who sign an agreement ($100) are eligible to get a $100 rebate when they place a $600 wholesale order by the end of April. On top of that, they get $100 in free full size product, $113.50 in a free color look customized just for them, $56.50 in free samples, free personal website for 6 months, free catalogs, and the Starter Kit, alone, comes with over $300 in full size product. It's freaking amazing!!! My hope is that anyone I know takes a moment to look at the info and open their mind to the potential of the opportunity. :) It has blessed my life more than I could tell!!

I've made the decision to earn my first free car with Mary Kay. This is a huge goal, one of the best kinds - it's big enough to scare me! :) So, send me some good energy as I work toward this goal!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

beautiful dream catcher

Okay, I have to share a blog I love: A Print a Day

Yasmine has done a couple of dream catchers, and I LOVE THEM. So, I figured I should share them with whomever stops by my blog. :) Check out the rest of her great work at her website!

I'm labeling this post "projects" since I want to find a way to use the dream catcher in a craft or something. Hopefully an idea will creep into my head. the meantime...schoolwork is calling...