Monday, March 23, 2009

WOW me with your great service...

Good Customer Service vs. Bad Customer Service:

Well, here's today's example of bad customer service which I find pretty funny, actually...

Patrick got a phone call from a debt management company (not sure the name...don't care, either), and when he firmly informed the caller that he was on the Federal Do Not Call List and should not have been called, the caller said, "Do you have any KY Jelly for the dildo I'm about to shove up your @$$?" SERIOUSLY!!! The guy, representing that company, actually said that to Patrick. Who does that?? He must seriously hate his job, and maybe he saw a window with a blue sky of unemployment to jump out of. :)

Speaking of unemployment, Patrick is a whiz when it comes down to finding numbers. So, he just had a talk with the company and will be getting a call back when this caller has been "dealt" with.

Ahh...I'll laugh about this one for awhile.

So, the VP of the company called Patrick back and informed him that they found the caller, actually had a recording of the conversation, and they immediately escorted him off of the premises. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahah!!!!!! Oh, that is too funny!

Then the VP asked him how he got their phone number, since they get around the Do Not Call List by routing their calls through Canada. All he would say is, "I'm just really resourceful."

(Thank you Google!)

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