Wednesday, September 3, 2008

cold weather is for the birds...or something like that

I can't believe how chilly it is already. I am sooooo not ready for fall/winter. I'm longing for next spring/summer...they can't come too soon. :) This winter I plan on "enjoying" the season. I'll get out and go snowboarding, play in the snow, go for drives (on fair-weathered days), and will go to a gym and play racquetball to stay active. Hopefully this will keep me happy throughout the cold yucky days. There's a reason I was born in and lived in Phoenix for 22 years of my life!

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Victoria said...

I really wish that I could muster the same enthusiasm for winter that I once had as a child. Something about growing older just seems to make winter much more difficult to endure. Hope you achieve your winter loving goals, as they do sound like a lot of fun!