Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby got back!

Okay...the scale and I aren't getting along again! My new weight loss goal is to lose between 30-40 lbs. This is going to take some major lifestyle changes...eating habits and daily excercise. I got down to about 15 lbs above my "ideal" weight, and it's come back in the past few months. Patrick is a really good cook...and we like to eat. Not to mention I've been struggling with some depression, and I usually eat as a coping mechanism.

One thing I know for sure is that excercise makes me feel GREAT about myself. So just doing 20 minutes of pilates or yoga or something each morning will get me to feel better about myself. In return, I'll take better care of myself...not putting so much junk in my mouth. (Man, I love chocolate!)

I've got to do this, though. Not only to feel good about myself, but for health reasons as well. I want to live as long as possible. I want to be an old lady on a rocker in front of my house, BSing with the teenagers with all my sassiness, and moving around without any funky limps or walkers. Is that too much to ask??? NO. So is it too much to ask to do a little exercise and eat healthier???? (Still working on becoming fully committed.)

Here's to me, 40 lbs lighter!!!

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