Sunday, July 8, 2007

Master Cleanse

Today I started the Master Cleanse(MC). The longest I've ever gone before was 5 days (and 3 days another time). This time I am going to cleanse for at least 10 days. I've read that you should really go as long as it takes for all of the white stuff to come off of your tongue. The whiteness is a sign of candida in your system. So, once your tongue is back to a healthy pink color all over, then you're done cleansing. I'm hoping this won't take longer than 2 weeks, but who knows. It's been a long time since my body felt really healthy, it's only fair I put in whatever time is required to get it back to a happy state.

Already I'm having to watch my thoughts. Every so often I'll think to myself, "Mmm, a hamburger sounds really good right now," or "I wonder what there is to eat in the house?" Then I reach for my Lemon Aid (LA) and chug a lug. So far I've drank about 56 ounces. I need to drink another 32 ounces or so. The last time I did the MC I remember feeling like drinking 80 ounces or so of the LA was an unbearable task. This time (so far), it's been pretty easy.

Oh, last night I drank some Smooth Move tea and did the salt water flush (SWF) this morning. I'm sure it's because it's my first day, but the flushing took quite a while. It should take about 30 min when your system is running clean. That'll be nice, because who has a couple hours to lay around...staying near the toilet? Yeah, not me.

Tomorrow I start my new job as a server. I'm looking forward to it. Between that and the cleanse, I should get a pretty good jump start to a healthier lifestyle!

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