Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Daily Zen

Of one thing it is said
"that is bad"
and of another it is said
"that is good."
But there is nothing
inherent in things
that make them good
or bad, for each thing's
self is empty of
independent existence.

- Samantabhadra-Bodhisattva-sutra

I really like today's Zen quote. It reminds me of a little plaque that my grandma had in her kitchen that I am sure she toll-painted. It said, "Don't criticize your wife's judgment. She picked you as a husband!" So, to criticize others is to criticize yourself...we are all connected. Not to mention, the world could use a lot more praise and positivity!


-Papa said...

To expound a little on Samantabhadra's comment I'll reiterate the following story: A chinese farmer's neighbors came over to offer him their sympathy after his horse ran away. "I'm not so sure it's a misfortune", said the farmer. The neighbors left, shaking their heads.

The next day, the farmer's horse returned, and three wild horses came home with him. The neighbors returned to congratulate the farmer on his good fortune. "I'm not certain that it is good fortune", replied the farmer. The neighbors left, more bemused than before.

Later that week, the farmer's son broke his leg trying to train one of the new horses, and the neighbors came by to offer condolences. "I'm not sure this is a misfortune", said the farmer again. The neighbors left, discussing the man's mental state among themselves.

The next day, the emperor came through, gathering up young men to be in his army. They bypassed the farmer's son, since he had a broken leg.

Alison said...

I've always liked that story. Thanks for sharing that -Papa. :)