Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reaching for my Star

I just like posting my goals...makes them more real to me... So, I'm busting my butt to finish my Star for this quarter that ends on Sunday, the 15th. I'm $319.00 away from reaching it, but that doesn't scare me. :) I still have 2 days to get it done!

My goal for the rest of June is to get into car qualifications so I can soon be driving a free car, compliments of Mary Kay. This goal actually leads into my bigger goal, which is to have a consistent and lucrative business that will provide the income and opportunities that Patrick and I need, so we can start a family in the next few months. Yep, I want to have a baby! And I so badly want to have a baby before I turn 30, which is in a little over a year. So I have a lot of work to do...and I'm excited about it. :)

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