Monday, October 6, 2008

100 Things

My name is Alison.
My dad didn't like the name when my parents were deciding what to name me.
I don't have a middle name.
My parents changed the spelling of my name a couple weeks after I was born, from "Allison."
I grew up in Phoenix.
I lived in the same house for over 21 years.
I have 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister.
I have lived in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah.
In Arizona, I lived in Phoenix, Peoria, and Chandler.
In Idaho, I lived in Buhl.
In Utah, I lived in Alpine, Spanish Fork, Midvale, Murray, and Salt Lake City.
I used to camp with "at-risk" youth for a living.
That was, and probably always will be, my favorite job.
I attended Arizona State University and Utah Valley State College, now Utah Valley University.
My major is Psychology.
I graduated high school in 1997.
I played volleyball and softball in high school.
I had a 3.9 GPA when I graduated and was 5th in my class.
I still have 12 credits to finish my bachelors degree.
I was married to a police officer for almost 3 years.
My marriage didn't work out.
I am now married to a super smart man who can do just about anything, including fixing my car!
I have a step-daughter from my previous marriage.
I have 4 nephews and 5 nieces, all at or under the age of 8.
My parents are still married.
My oldest brother is deaf.
He was raised orally and didn't learn sign language until he was about 20 years old.
I took American Sign Language at ASU so I could sign with my brother.
My signing is horrible, but I try.
I have around 60 or 70 cousins.
My grandfathers are still alive.
I have had 7 grandmothers, 6 of which have passed on.
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I love to sleep.
I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
I love food.
I play recreational slow-pitch softball.
My husband and I have 3 cats.
I own a purple 1968 Schwinn Breeze Deluxe.
I had my first job when I was 8 years old, helping my brothers with their paper route for $ .01 per paper.
I want to have at least 3 children.
I love to watch movies.
I love music.
I don't know names of bands, singers, actors, etc.
I rarely buy new clothes.
I like to embroider and do other crafty projects.
I am a "mellow" person with an energy that calms others.
My astrological sign is Cancer.
I was born on the same day as my brother who is 2 years older than me.
My younger sister was born 2 years later on the day before our birthday.
I like jewelry.
I used to have gauged earrings that I wore for 6 or 7 years.
I have a lot of different earrings now.
My wedding ring is turquoise and opal.
I am 5'2".
I am a waitress at a restaurant in Salt Lake City.
I have owned one car in my life, and I've had it since 2001.
My car turned 10 this year.
I spend way too much time on the internet.
I'm not allergic to any foods.
I played the violin for 6 years, and a bit here and there for a few more years.
I still have my violin, and I can't play it anymore.
I am a great listener.
I have been to Alaska.
The only place out of the country I have visited is Tijuana.
I don't have a passport.
I want to go to New Zealand.
I want to go to Machu Picchu.
I want to do my own pilgrimage of the road to Santiago.
Paulo Coelho is my favorite author.
The Alchemist is my favorite book.
Closed-minded people disgust me.
Generalizations piss me off.
Disrespect angers me.
I believe everyone has a choice how to feel and react to any given situation.
Because of that belief, I frustrate myself a lot.
I like to sing.
I like to read.
I wish I was more confident and more of a free spirit.
My husband doesn't like to dance.
I do.
I don't like watching tv very often.
We watch a lot of tv.
I believe in energy, vibrations, karma, prayer, divine intervention, and the power of love.
I want to lose 30 lbs.
I have hiked the Grand Canyon 6 times with my dad.
I think teenagers are amazing people at a critical cross-roads in life.
I want to be a therapist and work with teenagers.
I think parents need to relax a bit.
I'm not a parent, so what do I know?
I snort when I laugh sometimes.
I have a cute nose.
I love my eyes.
I love my chest.
I say "woof" instead of "wolf."
I am an emotional woman.
I have a pretty crass sense of humor.
I run late for just about everything.
I adore my grandfathers and love my parents.
My hero is Zina don't know her, but she was an incredible woman.

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