Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Dramatic Eyes

I did my makeup a little different today, so I felt like taking a picture. I realized (after looking at this close-up of my face) that my eyes are wide set. This means the space between the eyes is equal to or greater than the width of an eye. I could be paranoid, but it looks like a lot of nose/bridge between those baby blues:

I used spun silk, cinnabar, espresso, and coal eye shadows, black eye liner, and black ultimate mascara.
Also, strawberry cream blush, but you can't really see that too well in the picture.
I need some color on my lips, too.

I don't think it's as noticeable with my hair more done (okay, I didn't really do my hair, I just put a headband on) and not so close to the camera:

I must say, I look pretty good for my age. :)

(This is my vain post for awhile...it could've been worse...I could have posted fitness update pictures!!! eeewww!)

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