Monday, December 29, 2008

Painted Canvases for My Bedroom

Now that I have a camera again, I can finally post some pictures of what I've made! One of the girls I work with has "Craft Day" with her roommates every so often. Her name is Makayla. She invited me a couple months ago to participate. I made the lotus pillow for another friend's birthday on that day. Before we got to crafting, we hit up Michael's and Big Lots for supplies. Big Lots had small, medium, and large canvases for a great price, so I grabbed 3 large canvases to do something with. I think they were $10 or $15 each. The smalls are $5, so the large was probably $15. I want to go get some small ones to paint for friends. I still haven't done Christmas gifts, so I better get on it. (YES, I am a huge procrastinator!!!)

I finally decided what I wanted to do with the canvases, so I bought some paints and went to town. Now, I am not really an artist. I can be creative once in awhile, but it's not something that comes naturally to me...and I don't know the ins-and-outs or shortcuts for what paints to use on canvases. So, I used a foam brush to paint the dark brown paint on these canvases. It took forever. Next time I'll buy some spray paint to save loads of time.

I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the designs, but this sort of design has been my favorite for awhile. (***I found the link that inspired me: It's the MUJKA ILLUSTRATION BLOG.) Anything with swirly stems, leaves, etc. floats my boat. So, here's the set, hanging above my bed, and a close-up of each:


Anonymous said...

you made these so beautiful, thanks using my design, looks like its coming from a cool gift shop.LOL.

bettyninja said...

These came out great! Love the colors!