Friday, February 1, 2008

Stats Update

This really is a bit humiliating, and I don't have to put this on my blog, but I am a woman driven by accountability. The last time I documented my weight and measurements I said I was going to do a weekly update of weight, stats, and pictures...yeah...that didn't happen.

I have lost a little bit of weight since then, not intentionally at all, but it is weight lost nonetheless. So, I just want to write it down so I don't dare backtrack back into the heavier side of life. ;)

Here are my June Physical Stats & Goals

My goals were to:
  • drop 45 lbs
  • lose 40" of body fat
  • get my body fat between 18% and 22%
  • get my BMI to 24

My Current Measurements as of Today:

Weight 167.4
Waist 39"
Hips 42"
Chest 37.5"
Ribcage 32"
R. Thigh 25.5"
L. Thigh 26"
R. Calf 15.5"
L. Calf 15.25"
R. Bicep 13.5"
L. Bicep 13.5"
Neck 14"
Wrist 6.4"
BMI 30.5
Body Fat 43%

Total inches measured= 280.15

Progress Report on Goals:
  • Lost 8 of 45 lbs
  • Lost 11.1" of 40" of body fat
  • Body Fat% down 6.16%...21% to go to reach 22% Total Body Fat
  • BMI at 30.5....goal is 24

I'm pretty excited to see my progress! Now imagine if I actually tried to lose some weight...exercising and eating right... :) Sorry, I don't feel like doing a picture just yet...maybe after I shower.

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