Monday, July 28, 2008

Running Shoes!

Alice from I AM NOT FROM YOUR COUNTRY inspired me to pull out my running shoes.

I got these babies at Runners Corner in Orem, UT a couple years ago. I was so impressed with the store, the selection, and the staff. And I really love these shoes. My feet always felt great when I was out running around.

Since it has been about 1 1/2 years since I last put these on, I had forgotten how good they feel. I'm glad they're a little dirty, though, to remind me that yes, I did in fact run at one point in time for a purpose other than playing softball or chasing a jail-bird kitty. As a matter of fact, when I was running, I dropped weight pretty quick and felt fabulous. That was at a point in my life when my ex-husband was telling me all too often how fat and unattractive I was and that he was done being married. Once I realized that the love was gone, I started running as a form of self-medicating therapy. Good hell, endorphins are freaking amazing. I'd get done with a run, whether on the street or on a treadmill, and I'd feel like I could do anything, including kicking his ass for being such a jerk. :) I slimmed down, felt fabulous, and moved onto much better things in life, including my new fabulous husband, Patrick.

So, my shoes are by my bed. I'm going to start getting up early to go for a jog. I'm too out of shape to say that I'd be going for a run with any integrity. :) It will definitely be a jog for now. I need to get back to Slim in 6, too. I really enjoy Debby Siebers and her workout.

So, thank you, Alice, for reminding me of a tool I have been hiding for far too long!!!!

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Alice said...

Oh my... Thank YOU for remembering your shoes! I am like you, I am proud that my running shoes are dirty, it means something. I am still clinging to some old pairs because I ran the SLC half with them, and ran in Korea. Silly, but they mean something.

And yes, running is so highly therapeutic. I too, when I run, get a sense of being able to do anything. There is something very primal about running, being able to rely on your body to get away. No bike or car, just you.

I am sorry you were married to an as* before, but very glad you learned, moved on and are now with Patrick.
Take those shoes out on a walk, a little run even.

I would like to run to SL half again next year, and it's not like I am going to be in top shape, so if you are interested in training with me, let me know.