Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was yesterday, and it was a great day. So great that it's still going. For some dumb reason, I'm still up at 3 am Stumbling through the internet and watching YouTube videos of Santogold. I'm lovin' her music!

So, here's how my Birthday went:

Patrick started his new job today as a Pool Technician, so around or just before 8 am, he kissed me goodbye and told me to enjoy my birthday of sleeping in. Oh, he knows me so so so well. :) So, I went back to sleep after telling him I love him and to call and let me know how his day is going.

At 9:30, Patrick wakes me up. I was so confused, because he was supposed to be at work, yet he was carrying a tray with a plate full of fresh strawberry & blueberry pancakes, bacon, hash browns, eggs, and soy milk...and let's not forget the beautiful peachy colored roses in a vase! It took a minute for my sleepy mind to realize he didn't work at all and had "gone to work" making breakfast for me. What a sweetheart. I can't believe the bacon smell didn't wake me up. I love the smell of bacon.

So, after filling my belly and appropriately thanking Patrick for breakfast, I got up and lounged for a bit then went outside and got dirty. My plants were in desperate need of being repotted. The soil was all crusty, and their roots were circling the bottom of the pots. So, I played with my plants and made my front porch all tidy and welcoming.

Then I showered and got ready for the day. I met my friends Shay, Tia, and Dustin at a nearby restaurant, Mazza, where a friend of ours, Nicole, is a server. We had a lovely lunch...their food is soooooo good!!! I ate entirely too much. Thank goodness it's my birthday, as calories do not count!

After I got home from lunch, Patrick and I went to Ace Hardware. Patrick in that store is like me in a gift shop, bookstore, Mary Kay catalog, shoe store, etc. ...pretty much drooling over every damn thing. It was adorable, really. We got some hardware to hang up some shelves in our kitchen. So, we went home and did that. I am so grateful that I married a handyman. It's a life saver! I arranged stuff in the kitchen and moved some other items downstairs. We're still getting things moved around after holding a Yard Sale, so someday I'll have a cozy home that's not cluttered with cardboard boxes. :)

We decided we wanted to see a movie, so we had a difficult time narrowing it down to what movie we would see. We decided on Wanted.

Lissy, Patrick's sister, stopped by and brought me a birthday cake! How sweet!!! We showed her our new kick ass kitchen table that we got at an antique shop on Saturday, then showed her and her husband, Dan, Patrick's Model A body that he finally brought home and set on the frame.

(Good grief, I have a LOT of pictures to take!)

Around 9:30, we left to go see the movie. It was great...a lot of blood and language...a great story and "lesson" to the plot.

We got home a little after midnight, Patrick went to bed, I started watering the lawn, and got on the internet...3 hours later, here I am. Still enjoying the "do nothing loveliness" of my birthday. :)

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