Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Childhood Dreams

I found this video on another blog today. I have so much respect for Dr. Randy Pausch who is giving the lecture. The video is 10 minutes long, but so worth every second of your time!

Wasn't that awesome?!?!

Here's what I got from the video:

~ I need to start dreaming like a child again
~ My life needs to be LIVED...every day
~ I have been sooooooooooo incredibly selfish lately. I know this because I've been a lazy ass.
Laziness = selfishness
~ I can't predict the future, what's going to happen in my life, or how much time I have left. Therefore, I need to take action on each moment I have and be grateful for the multitude of opportunities to be a greater person living a more fulfilling life.
~ I need to express GRATITUDE more often....and really mean it via feeling it
~ Daily Affirmations need to be part of my life...I need to visualize my dreams

So, I'm ready to go to work. Instead of just thinking about being a mommy, I need to actively prepare myself physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Instead of thinking about how successful I could be in Mary Kay, I need to work and put in the effort that will reap the rewards. I need to look inward and strengthen who I am. I need to get to know my spiritual side again. It won't surface if I don't invite it and nurture it.

Cheers to moving forward!

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