Monday, July 28, 2008

shopping, weight, and drivers licenses

Patrick and I went shopping a couple days ago. He got some new jeans and shoes, and I got 2 pairs of shoes, these capris, a work shirt, and a sexy skirt. Patrick says my wardrobe is pathetic, so I had him "help" me pick out some things. I don't know if I really like these capris a whole lot, but he said they looked good. I typically don't wear pants, shorts, etc. with the waist at my actual waistline. I feel like a granny. These have that high waistline. Patrick says I'm weird and that the high waistline looks good. Does he realize I have a belly?!?! Oh, boys. I'm sure I'm just being my normal self-conscious self.

I finally got my new Drivers License today. We got married in December, and just now (7 months later) got my license renewed. I probably would have put it off even longer if it hadn't expired on July 14th. :)

I took a good dose of extra time getting ready, because I wanted to look really nice in my picture. When it came down to picture time, I didn't really smile for some reason. When the picture popped up on the screen, I said, "Oh! I have such a chubby face!" (sad tone of voice) The guy taking the picture said, "What??" And I repeated myself. How sad to have a chubby, non-smiling picture on a license I'll be carrying around for awhile. (can you tell I'm having a fat day??)

So, I decided that when I hit my target weight, I'll go in and get a new license...with a new weight...and a new cute picture. And I'll also be able to fit into a super hot vintage leather jacket Patrick picked out for me at D.I.

Check out the cool details! There are two front pockets on both sides.
There is a 1973 penny in one pocket, and the missing button in another pocket.
Too fun.

Anyway, that's the fun we've been up to lately. I'm posting pictures of Patrick's hot rod on our family blog, Family Life if you want to read about that.

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